Get to Know your inner parameters!

We are all part of the world, which is incredibly rich in various phenomena. In order to get a clue, we are sent to schools to learn a bit about how to scale quantities, dimensions, magnitudes and so on. Measurements need to be captured first, so as our skills need to be ingrained. Only then, once we have firmly laid our foundations, can our knowledge be increased in length, width and depth.
Having these three dimensions a volume can be discovered 🙂
Let’s just not be that fast forward. Do one step at a time and start small – with a perimeter. For I once myself was walking along the edges having a very poor knowledge on my own parametres. Going round in loops I mostly followed “monkey see monkey does” way of living.

One day I came from school with a completely new assignment. My homework was to read a book and write down a short understandable summary after that. What was it about? might wonder. Yes, quite a comprehensive task for a schoolgirl, to convey the author’s idea by retelling the story to others. The bottom line is – IN HER OWN WORDS.
More importantly, it opened up a whole new world to me. A vast area of findings. I found out that words represent thoughts, feelings, ideas. That things are made up of a smaller parts. That life consists of a certain periods. And over the course of life we (sooner or later) all seem to need to understand our own purpose.
After I had spent a long time exploring this Area, I found myself shifted from 2D into 3D perspective. Beyond “left to right, A to Z or north to south”. And what is that supposed to mean?

To get the grasp of it, we need to stop and turn inwards in order to explore our inner measures. I believe that each and every one of us has their own “GDA” (Guideline Daily Amount) or “RI” (Reference Intakes) in terms of experience. Simply put, a just-right dosage, which if maintained well, it reduces the very tedious magnitude of ups and can help us to navigate through life in harmony.

It might take to attract more quality over quantity to our lives. Maybe it needs to use a simple “How?” instead of “How much?” How to enjoy our moments? How to live more peacefully and joyfully? When exactly is that turning point, at which it’s all downhill to frustration, exhaustion and discouragement. And again, how not to come to it?
It does not necessarily have to do with must-dos. More often than not, our free time turns out to be far from relax, more of a another full-time work. Our eagerly and enthusiastically planned holidays feels the same way as 24/7 job. It’s all because we don’t know the exact amount of engagement to bring us happiness rather than gloom. They say, less is more. How to get familiar with this balance equation? Luckily our body can tell us by sending signals all the time. It’s the barometer of our soul, after all.

Sometimes we find ourselves under so much pressure, that we can’t sense this thin line between prosperity and devastation, let alone halt crossing it. But hey, after each exparience there is “an incubation period” going on. We can use this time to reflect on what happened, to figure out if the direction we are heading on is actually good for us.

With enough practice, we can surely move from “after some time realization” to “just in time realization”.

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